Who we are

Oïkologos is a public relations and communications consultancy that helps firms to develop and market thought leadership contents.

In the knowledge economy, the most respected brands raise their leadership through the depth and breadth of conversations they generate. To nurture those conversations, firms need to produce innovative ideas, disseminate data and insights, and contribute to public debates, just as actively as they promote products and services. Sharing cognitive content has become key to strengthen their relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

To corporations and executives willing to grow their clout and connections, Oïkologos offers its strategic advice as well as operational support.

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What we do


Content strategy

  • Influence mapping
  • Stakeholder and audience analysis
  • Content positioning and go-to-market strategy
  • Communications planning and campaigns

Content development, operational support

  • Writing: white papers, articles, opinions, public speeches, message structures, media storylines
  • Rewriting, editing
  • Presentation design, data visualization
  • Conference management
  • Professional network management


  • Coaching on public speaking
  • Communications techniques

The way we work

  • Oïkologos establishes trust-based, long-standing relationships with a limited number of clients, and consistently provides them with the highest standards of service.
  • We believe in quality over quantity, honnesty and long-term vision in communications and we share this conception with our clients.
  • We offer a white label service, meaning that we maintain full client confidentiality and do not expect any credit for our work.


Thibaut Gratius

Oïkologos was founded in 2013 by Thibaut Gratius.

Previously, Thibaut headed McKinsey&Company’s communications in France and North Africa for three years. Before that, he worked for this firm as a communications specialist, focusing on publications, media relations, event management and communications training. Prior to joining McKinsey in 2007, Thibaut was a project manager at Denis Zervudacki & Associés, a public affairs company specializing in business and government relations. He started his career at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the Council of Europe.

Thibaut graduated from CELSA-Paris Sorbonne University and SciencesPo Strasbourg, Institute of Political Sciences. He is an external lecturer at ESCP Europe (Master in European Business). In addition to his native French, he is fluent in English and German.


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In ancient Greece, an oïkos was the basic unit of production, including setting, people and tools. As such, it was a forerunner of the modern corporation.


Word, argument. By extension, reasoned discourse, knowledge.